A Comprehensive Guide on Guest Posting


Not happy with the quantity of traffic you’re bringing to your company?

Then look into Guest Posting. After all, 60% of bloggers publish up to five guest pieces every month. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin with guest posting.

We’ll go over all you need to know regarding Guest Posting in this article. If you read all the way to the end, you’ll discover how to commence guest posting to increase traffic to your website, among other things.

Key Pointers for Guest Posting

  • Guest pieces should be well-written and well-received. People, as well as search engines, are becoming picky.
  • For optimum value, people must desire to read them.
  • People want to use social media to share them. Readership grows through sharing.
  • Outbound links should be related to the article and useful. Over the links, the anchor text is correct.
  • Posting on sites that plainly post a lot of guest material isn’t a good idea because the links will be meaningless.

How Can Guest Posting Help Businesses?

Each month, over 100 guest pieces are published on 3% of blogs. And, with 500 million blogs around the globe, it equates to 15 million blogs publishing guest pieces per month.

You dip into the host’s audience when you create content for other sites. Furthermore, promoting your company to a new group of individuals allows you to contact more people and generate new prospects.

However, writing a guest article, especially for a well-known and popular blog, might change your fortunes. People are more inclined to investigate your services if a renowned company promotes them.

How To Find Right Sites for Guest Posts?

It’s critical to have a clear idea of what you want before you start Guest Posting. The first and most important stage in the phase is to evaluate your guest blogging goals. These are some of the most common guest blogging objectives:

  • As a subject matter expert in your business, you need to establish credibility.
  • Increasing brand recognition and driving visitors to your website
  • Increasing backlinks to your site.

Find the Top Blogs

The best approach to get a list of top blogs in a certain business is to use Google. Look for terms like “best SEO Services blogs” or “top guest post blogs.”

After you’ve compiled this list, read over each blog and assess its content and domain authority. You’ll come across a lot of sites this way, but not all of them will accept guest posts. Make sure you check your competitors and don’t approach them.

Run Competitor Analysis

As part of your SEO strategy, you may also analyze your competitors’ backlinks. You’ll very certainly come across Guest Post links.

The Screaming Frog tool or SEMrush can also be used to examine a domain’s external links. This can also help you perform a hygiene check to confirm that the websites you’re connecting to are active and aren’t throwing 404 errors or diverting to different pages.


Websites that are part of specific blog networks, and also domains that have been dropped are not permitted to accept guest contributions.

Yes, these kinds of sites can help you get more backlinks. The unfortunate thing is that they’re breaking Google’s terms of service. Get on Google’s good side if you want to establish a reputation for yourself in Search Engine Optimization or digital marketing.

If you don’t want to get penalized by Google, make sure you submit guest posts properly.