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How To Create A Landing Page For Free?


The first and most important step in promoting your brand online is to build a website. However, if you’re serious about increasing leads and revenue, you’ll need a landing page (LP0) that converts well. But, with the cost of website design and digital marketing, most companies let landing pages slide away.

What if we told you that you can create a landing page for free? Yes, there are several free website landing page builders available.

So, now you might be wondering how to create a landing page for free for your website. Well, this article is all about it. Here we are going to share the most needed tips for creating a landing page.

But before we talk about that let’s learn some basics about the landing page.

Introduction to Landing Page

A landing page is a web page that acts as the gateway to a website used for promotions and marketing initiatives. These pages are independent components of your website that were created for very particular purposes.

Landing pages should be built separately from your website and without extraneous components like a navigation bar or sidebar in order to prevent distractions and only direct visitors to do the required action for which you developed the page.

In short, you want to remove any potential causes for people to click away rather than taking action in order to make sure that your visitors are not diverted from the conversion objective that you established for that landing page.

How to Create a Landing Page for Free?

The first thing to consider while creating a landing page is the right website. You can choose WordPress, Wix, or any other software to make a free landing page. Creating a landing page can be overwhelming for novices, which is why you can reach out to experts like Webteasor who can help you in creating a profit-generating landing page. Here, we are going to discuss LP creation on WordPress.

Creating a Landing Page on WordPress for Free

Select a Theme

  • Go to My Site
  • Click on Design
  • Choose a Theme
  • Or, you might download and set up a fresh theme.
  • Then, click Activate after clicking the three dots next to the theme’s name.

Remove the Unnecessary Content

Your landing page should be straightforward, therefore the next step is to delete superfluous articles and pages.

  • Go to My Site
  • Then, click on the site
  • Select Pages
  • Then choose Trash by clicking on the three dots adjacent to any unnecessary page. It makes no difference which page you retain.

Set a Homepage

Click on the three dots to create a homepage.

This isn’t the same as your standard homepage; rather, it makes sure that visitors get on your personalized landing page when they click through from your primary WordPress website.

Customize your Page

After selecting the three dots, click Edit. You may add text, pictures, contact forms, and call-to-action information in the editor.


After publishing your page by clicking update, connect to it from your primary WordPress website.

Things to Keep in Mind While Creating a Website Landing Page

Take a look at these free landing page templates that were created to aid with click generation. Select a theme or layout that most closely reflects your industry, then add your own photos, text, and links.

  • Set a clear aim. Decide what you want your LP to accomplish and be consistent with that goal throughout every aspect of your site.
  • Establish a visual hierarchy. Select the things that are most crucial, and draw attention to them.
  • Use a CTA to stimulate action. Give your LP visitors clear instructions on what to do. These examples of calls to action will serve as a good jumping-off point for you.
  • Create an eye-catching layout. Engage your website’s visitors by using a striking design that will entice them to click and learn more. Additionally, you ought to select a clever design.
  • Excellent copywriting. Keep your material short and useful, and use captivating headers to entice readers to continue reading.
  • Use pictures. With powerful pictures, you can captivate your visitors and set the mood. They can also serve as an example of what you stand for.
  • Emphasize the value. Inform individuals of the advantages of clicking the CTA. What are they going to gain from it?
  • Try to sell hard. Be honest and forthright without fear. Keep in mind that you’ve made an LP for a reason, so just go for it.


A landing page’s ability to pique visitor attention and encourage purchase conversion is important. Clean, relevant, and content-rich landing pages can help you make the best of your WordPress website.

Are you prepared to strengthen your online presence with an effective landing page? Webteasor can help you in creating a website landing page that will be profitable for your organization.